Our Story

Sinwufu Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a vehicle tyre and sport rims wholesaler and retailer. The company owns over 30 workshops in Southern Malaysia and 1 warehouse.

Our Services

Tyres and Rims

Trading & Services

Sinwufu offering qualified professional services from tyre repair and replacement and rims.

Routine Maintenance


Our teams provide the best one-stop centre for all car related services.

Brake System

Inspection & Service

We believe in providing fast, affordable & reliable experience for our customers in brake system & inspection.

General Car Repair

& Parts Replacement

We provide a reliable turnaround to our customers when it comes to general car repair & parts replacement.

Engine Repair

& Overhaul

We perform high quality Engine Repair & Overhaul at a fairprice from professionals and automotive experts at a fair price.

Oil & Lubricants


We provide best car servicing  which includes changing the engine oil.